Alabama Rot – a Real Risk Right Now

This is real, and this is life-threatening to your dog. A disease / parasite, called Alabama Rot, is increasing in confirmed cases throughout the UK. Do you know what to look out for and ultimately what you need to do?

Please be alert 

With approximately 8.5 million of us owning a pet pooch, this is not time to be lax.  Please be vigilant for the symptoms – please seek immediate veterinary help. Check your local area out for confirmed cases below.

It was first recognised in the UK in 2012, but towards the end of 2017 / into 2018 confirmed cases are on the rise. It’s hard to recognise but worse, even harder to treat.

So what is this threat? Identified in the USA in the 1980s in greyhounds, the initial symptoms are skin lesions on the legs, chest and abdomen followed by renal involvement.  Kidney failure can occur in just a few days.  It resonates as a flesh-eroding condition and sores will be seen quite quickly.

A link to a recent case in our locality can be found at the end of this article – please note, the images are distressing.  

If you know how it is contracted, can you then prevent it?

Experts believe it is contracted through mud and muddy puddles, therefore the best advice would be to keep your dog close to you, and wash mud off their paws and legs as soon as possible.  It’s also suggested it is contracted more through November to June – though there is little to suggest why this is the case – and certainly not enough evidence to lower your guard during the rest of the year.

Our Co-Founder and lifelong Veterinarian Dr P Proctor has this to say:

“All pet owners must be vigilant but also keep it all in perspective, and still enjoy your walks. We have been getting more reports of this from all the veterinary forums, but it is sad it has now appeared in the North East. If you have any concerns do not forget to go and see your vets”

Thankfully, at the moment, research suggests this does not affect cats, but all pet owners must be aware and be watchful.

So stay vigilant, don’t stop letting your pet fully exercise and have fun.  But be mindful of where they are, and after every walk wash, wash, wash, and wash!

 Check out your local area:

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