Dogs and cats, cats and dogs – haven’t we got enough?????? Spay today because neuter is cuter!

Dogs and Cats….cats and dogs……more dogs…….more cats!  Did you know……

Dogs can have TWO litters every year? From as young as FIVE MONTHS OLD!

Cats can have THREE litters every year? And from as young as FOUR MONTHS OLD!


They’re still babies themselves!

But why should this bother YOU and YOUR PET? The Health benefits of spaying and neutering are clear:

  • Being in season every 3 weeks is stressful, so help prevent that!
  • Reduced risk of mammary tumours, likely to develop pyometra when older if entire and need emergency surgery in a compromised state – you can prevent that!
  • If an outdoor cat prevent indiscriminate breeding
  • If an indoor cat with siblings, prevent incest
  • For males they can develop an unpleasant smell if not neutered; may also reduce spraying
  • Also reduces risk of an RTA if not chasing after females or being chased

So why do we choose February for Spay / Neuter Awareness Month?  The reason is to encourage sterilisation before the Spring and Summer months where there is a rampant reproduction of kittens and puppies!

It’s so straightforward, and takes no time at all; around 30 – 45 minutes for a spay and less than 5 mins for a castration – yep, sorry boys…..much more of a snip-and-go for you guys 😉

Recovery time is literally only 5 – 15 minutes from the anaesthetic, and 10 – 14 days for the skin wound.

While in this recovery time your pet would be fitted with either a Buster Collar or Recovery Shirt.  This entirely depends on the advice from your vet as to what your particular pet would tolerate best.


Our very own Dr Sarah Middleton says “For your cat’s health and well-being we recommend neutering before your cat reaches puberty at 4-6 months of age.”

It’s non-sensical.  Please do it.  Book your spay today! Because neuter is cuter!


For more information on the process involved in a neuter please view our PDF.  Warning: graphic images within

What happens when my cat is spayed_ Feb 2018


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