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Poop Bags:

Quite possibly the best poop bag in the world.

Here at Simply Pets Online we have decided to sell one or two quality pet products and hope to grow the range over time.  Doing this in conjunction to working in a busy vets clinic has proved to be a little challenging to say the least.  We thought it would be fun to share with you the production cycle of a poop bag which is due to go on sale soon!

It all started by reviewing customer feedback on existing poop bags to understand likes and dislikes.  We’re all very vocal when it comes to sharing comments and poop bags aren’t excluded!  Feedback even went as far as colour preference and if they were scented or not.  The main characteristics seem to focus on eco-friendly and biodegradable, so we’re very environmentally focussed when it comes to disposing of our pets poo :-).

Then we had to source a supplier who ticked all our boxes.  There are hundreds of manufacturers out there but only a few met our high standards.  We needed a bag of a certain thickness, good colour, non scented, biodegradable and lots of other requirements in the mix. Next we had to design the packaging and the bag – not as easy as you think.  Just pick up a package of anything at home and look at the written detail – not that easy when you don’t have a marketing background.  We then sourced a designer to create our packaging and pull our ideas together.

So once the product and design were agreed we needed to arrange shipment and that brings a host of other issues.  Export licences, VAT disclosures etc.  This is all before we even get to marketing the product.  So I hope all our Simply Pets Online customers appreciate the efforts we have gone to to bring quality merchandise for your pets at competitive prices.

We’re looking forward to launching the sale of our poop bags in a couple of weeks time and never thought we would be so excited about poop bags!!  We’ll provide some pictures very soon so keep watching for updates….

 A modern sculpture of a giant dog poo
An image of a giant dog poo sculpture by American artist Paul McCarthy. Was we thought very applicable, imagine the poop bag to hold this!!