Premium Eco-Friendly Poop Bags On The Way

Hello again….

we’re just keeping you in the loop regarding our eco friendly poop bags and the continuing developments.

 BioPoops degradable poop bags for all dogs

So far we’ve managed to part with a substantial amount of money but with very little to show for it at the moment! The good news is that we’ve got a really nice relationship with our chosen manufacturer and the final designs have been signed off. Production will start very soon and delivery is anticipated for mid to late November.

We conducted even further research into the degradable and eco friendly elements of our bags and they will decompose before a fallen leaf does – how about that for efficiency? Mother nature has been put on the back burner when it comes to modern plastics. Mind you, I’m not sure how the long the contents will take to disappear 🙂

We’ll post a picture of our world class poop bag when we have one available so you can preview it and add it to your Santa’s wish list…….. Rest assured that we have invested a lot of time and effort into reviewing what customers have expected and asked for in other brands of poop bags but we’re always open to suggestions moving forward. Consider this a work in progress and if you want to share any feedback when our product is available, we will look at everything said and take it on board.

We’re very keen to learn as much as we can from both the quality you expect, to the whole modelling and marketing of the products too. Marketing is a massive pond to dip your toe in. Hats off to everyone who works in marketing and sales day in, day out. As we intend to sell online, we’re finding out that every little descriptive word and phrase used to describe the poop bag features in it’s ranking online.

You are part of our journey and very much part of our success story, so keep watching our progress…….