Eco-friendly Dog Poop Bags

Are you one of those super amazing people who own a dog? Being a pet parent comes with its own responsibilities as your wonderful companions make a lot of waste, some larger breeds making A LOT of poop! Everyone knows the right thing to do is clean after your dog, but the better thing is do just that along with looking out for this environment. Simply pets online gives you the perfect opportunity to be a great pet parent as well as being considerate towards the environment by using their Eco-friendly Dog poop Bags.

Made from 100% recyclable material using exoplastics, the EXO-LLD resin supplement used in their engineering has been carefully designed to utilize the calcium and polysaccharides that nature has incorporated in waste oyster shells. A very carefully calculated and balanced formula used in their manufacture allows them to be far more durable than other poop bags of the same ilk. Their size and dimensions have also been selected after considerable thought, so that neither there is a chance of your hand coming in contact with the dog’s mess, nor there is an issue of enough space to tie the knot while discarding. There is minimal packaging and the box works as a dispenser which you can easily put on the shelf or anywhere convenient. Moreover, even the box is made of cardboard! Something that is recycled and used every day- this represents unrelenting dedication for this environment.

Everyone knows how awesome keeping a dog is, but more awesome is keeping a dog and caring about it in the best way possible. Knowing, that you’ve played every part you could, in making this world a better place for your pal to live in! And this is your chance of doing just that! Your dog’s waste will now be disposed properly and in such a way that the environment does not have to suffer and for that Eco-friendly dog poop bags will play a vital role.

Normally, the bags people use to discard dog’s waste are made of PVC, the most environmentally incorrect substance there is! Why? Because number 1- it is non degradable, items made from PVC will retain their form as the breakdown occurs in granulations and the size gets smaller, these can be ingested by animals which will choke to death; number 2- dioxin is produced from the manufacture and incineration of PVC which is the most deadliest of man-made poisons; number 3- substances added to enhance qualities of PVCs are known carcinogens and have adverse effects on the reproductive and urinary system of all animals and humans. Using exoplastics, these bags have been created to bypass all these assaults on the environment and give you the mental satisfaction of responsible and loving dog-owners.

100% recyclable dog poop bags