Dog and Cat Grooming & Nail Trimming

Image of a set of premium dog nail clippers in stainless steel

Grooming a pet is one of the most important, yet difficult thing for its owner. Why, grooming the pet is not only about maintaining the overall cleanliness level of a dog or to make the dog look good, it actually means to maintain the physical appearance of the pet along with its personal hygiene. Good grooming is way more than just having a pretty pet. Grooming helps you to keep an eye on your dogs’ health and you can save him from any abnormalities and skin diseases such as ticks and fleas. Other than the skin problems, problems associated with teeth, nose, ears and nails can also be considered.

For the grooming of your pet, it is important to:

  • Brush the Hair (Fur):

Your pet, either a cat or a dog, should be brushed several times a week. This is make the pet look neat and tidy. The shiny hair are an important factor for the personal hygiene of the pet.

  • Eyes Check-up:

It has been observed that the pets have adoring eyes, shiny and clear. The owner should take care of the eyes. If the eyes seem red or irritated, you must consult a doctor. Routine check-ups should be there to stay away from the infections and viruses.

  • Cleaning the Ears:

The owner of the pet should be keeping a check on the ears of the pet. They should also smell the ears. If it smells bad, it seems to be infected. In this situation, a doctor should be consulted.

  • Trim the Nails:

Nails are an important part of the body that should be kept under-constant review for signs of any disease or just getting long and sharp. This can be a real issue in older pets. Long nails are prone to scratch the floors, furniture and the skin of the owner in severe cases. But the nails can be easily trimmed in most pets with a little care and attention to due process.

It should be kept under consideration that if the nail trimming process is important it should be handled with care. It is important to clip the nails regularly.

It is recommended to start the clipping process from the tips of the nails. It is also said to use professional nail clippers for best results. Professional nail clippers are specially designed according to the nail shape of the pet.

The manufacturers of the nail clippers usually has safety information attached that states that always start with a small part of the nails as the pets, cats and dog, rabbits, childrens pets, Guinea pigs etc., have their blood vessels inside their nails, which should be handled with care. You should locate the blood vessel, as it is the sensitive part of the nail, nerves can also be damaged during trimming.

Choose the nail clippers that are light weight and can be easily used. As the blades are sharp, the blood vessel might get a cut. In this case, use a clotting agent that will help the blood clot or stop or jut place a light bandage over the nail tip, using eg cotton wool. If the bleeding does not stop in 5 minutes, it is better to consult a Vet and take precautionary measures from the next time. This can include taking your pet and nail clippers to your vets or dog groomers and asking them to demonstrate the process!

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