Older pet general arthritis and the importance of a good quality nutraceutical (FlexiK9), containing Green Lipped Mussel

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Arthritis is a common joint problem in older pets, which is normally faced after middle age. It is one of the most common health issues as we all get older.

Arthritis is simply explained by the wear and tear of joints over the years. Joints connect two parts of the skeleton and maintain the easy movement of the body. When the joints start to lose their ease of movement, the pain gradually develops. You may have to witness arthritis in your pet as it gets older. This health problem could also come in young pets due to some accident or due to an inborn defect as well. It is essential to identify the cause of arthritis in younger pets to work out the very best treatment options. In many cases a nutraceutical is important.

Identifying arthritis in your pet could be a little tricky. Sometimes the symptoms of arthritis and old age could overlap. For example, your dog may get slower in running over the years and simultaneously gain weight, but the overweight may not explain the lower activity level of the dog. Mainly, pets suffering from arthritis tend to lay around more and find it difficult to go up and down the stairs. The whole process of showing symptoms regarding arthritis is gradual and may miss your eye during the early stages.

Larger dogs are often pain-resistant; they may only show symptoms of arthritis later when the situation has gotten worse. Larger pets are known to face this problem more often than the smaller pets, mainly due to their larger bodies and increased weight, possibly with some genetic influences as well.

Once you have identified your pet has some degree of arthritis. The next step is to move toward a solution or remedy for the health issue. A vet could suggest appropriate medication and exercise for your pet which would minimize the pain and regain the strength of your pet. But what to do to try and slow down arthritis? It is evident that a good nutritional diet and healthy exercise help controls arthritis. There are various types of senior pet food available in the market which are high in fiber and low on the calories which help the bones and muscles keep up with the aging body of the pet. Also most important these diets help stop your pet from getting fat!

Finding good quality nutraceutical is essential in many cases. Giving your pet supplements that fail to limit arthritis in older pets will not only cost you money, but some may have a negative impact on your pet. There are many major brands in the market that provide high-quality food items that fill up the nutritional requirement of older pets but sometimes they aren’t enough. A really good nutraceutical helps the pets reduce some of the inflammation in the joint and must in our opinion contain some Green Lipped Mussel.

Green Lipped Mussel especially limits inflammatory problems in the joints and helps reduce joint pains. This ingredient is known to have natural Omega-3 that restores and soothes inflamed joints. A nutraceutical containing Green Lipped Mussel could help arthritis in older pets by providing relief to the pain caused by joints and reduce soreness in the joints.

This ingredient is the only one so far to have been validated, to actually act as an anti-inflammatory type compound, with clinical-based evidence behind it, that stands up to scrutiny.

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