Dogs and Wasps | TAIL WITH A STING.


As we all know most of our canine companions are far too nosey for their own good, and will stick their little noses into everything they should not. Just the other evening I let my two whippets Alfie and Lucy out into the yard and the next thing I knew Alfie was really shaking his head about and making his jaws go frantically. When I went to investigate a very angry wasp came flying at me. Straight away I checked Alfies nose and mouth to ensure he had not been stung, luckily he had not. He happily trotted back into the house unawares of how much trouble his little nose could have gotten him into. Mean while older and wiser Lucy just looked at him as much to say “you silly little boy you will never learn”.




It is at this time of year the wasp population are becoming very sleepy and will land anywhere and if disturbed may sting instantly. So we as owners can play our part in preventing our pets from receiving a very painful sting by being more vigilant when out and about with our nosey friends. If your dog is ever stung about the head, throat or nose veterinary help should be sort as swelling in these areas may interfere with their airways and cause breathing problems.


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