Dogs and Mince Pies / Grapes, WARNING!

We continue our series of what you need to know VET TIPS.

The various members of the grapes family and their dried offspring (remember, currants, sultanas and raisins) can be toxic to dogs. So think Christmas Pudding, Mince Pies, Christmas Cake and any cake made with dried fruit)

The ultimate bad boy would be raisins coated with dark chocolate (see our earlier tip on the dangers of chocolate).

However remember, the renal failure caused by these fruits is rare, it only happens in some dogs and the reasons for this are not at all clear.

So if you suspect your dog or cat has ingested these fruits please ring your vet and after examination, you and your vet can make a plan, on what is best on that individual case. The main treatment is to empty the stomach out if caught in time. However each case is different depending on the age of the pet, resources, amount ingested etc etc.

Vomiting is the most common clinical sign and you will see the grapes present in most cases (unless they were ingested many hours ago.).

So, Summary:

  1. Do not give Mince Pies etc or any food containing members of the grape family to your pets!
  2. Ring your vets and discuss carefully if your pet has ingested any of these products.
  3. Kidney failure and death are very rare so do not panic.
  4. Only a small number if dogs seem to be susceptible but we do not know which they are, so always be safe!!
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