Cat Exercise Toys

A cat playing and sitting at the entrance to a cat tunnel

Let’s Play Kitty Cats!

Ah, the life of the beloved cat. Lounging, basking in the sun, nibbling on kibble and lapping up cream. Curled up at night with his human companion. Warm, dry and safe from predators, Cat is content.

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However, Cat may have needs that us humans are not fulfilling—play and exercise. Just like us humans, our furry family members need mental and physical stimulation. The results of regular activity are also similar with cat and human. Good cardio play burns calories, improves muscle tone, and keeps the extra weight down. The mental stimulation, such mimicking a good mouse hunt, keeps your cat’s instincts in play—which gives provides confidence of a job well done—without the carcass gift on your carpet.

Assisting a cat in an exercise routine is almost without cost. Have you ever seen a cat pass up the empty box or paper bag? Add a little catnip and you have a party. Cats also like to climb. Having a cat condo or cat tree available will inspire your cat to reach new heights in their climbing activity.

If you want to budget for cat exercise and play, you can find good information and a plethora of cat toys on Cat Dancer, SmartyKat, Snuggly Cat and Catit all have a variety of toys in every price range. And that’s just to name a few.

Cat Dancer has an assortment of teaser toys—these toys are made with a wand and pet safe fabric. It requires interactive play with the Human and provides amusement for both. Another interactive toy is Baby Pet’s LED pointer. You will tire more easily in this game than you purring pal. There are also crunchy balls, squeaking toys and the ever-popular treat boxes—the possibilities are endless.

Cat is a leisurely creature most of the time. A right he believes is well earned and deserved. But a good play three or four times a day for 10 – 15 minutes each time will help your cat relax, unwind and keep those extra calories at bay. Depending on the breed of your cat and if he/she is spayed or neutered, the average cat should weigh no more than nine to 12 pounds. Our feline friend carries excess weight around the middle. If Cat has a low-hanging belly, and you can gather it up by a handful, it’s time to up the play and consider shedding the pounds.

Adding a regular play time and providing a few items for interactive exercise not only enhances the quality of life for your cat, but for you as well, by strengthening that lifelong bond. And that leisurely loll about in the sunshine will be well-earned.