BioPoops A New Unique Eco Friendly Dog Poop Bag

Happy new year to you all and welcome back to our blog.

As you can tell the arrival of our long awaited poop bags didn’t take place before Xmas. So everyone who was waiting patiently to purchase some as gifts we do apologise 🙂
The manufacturer encountered problems when printing our logo on the bags themselves – apparently our colours didn’t compliment each other and wouldn’t have shown up very well. So after a quick re think, we agreed the way forward but missed our production slot – bah humbug!

The good new is that we have a pet name for the poop bags – BioPoops. They have been shipped to us as we speak.

Our next task is to get the advertising, stock management and payment process all confirmed with Amazon. This has been running in parallel with the production process but there’s any amount of red tape to go through before it’s all agreed and ready to publish on the internet. Amazon are great at what they do but its not easy joining their empire. It’s a huge learning curve, but if other businesses can succeed, we surely can too.


Obviously once our Biopoops are up and running we need to get another product on the go. Our staff in the clinic are thinking of all weird and wonderful things but thats something for another day. We need to get these bags tried and tested and make sure they live upto our expectations – its crazy how much work goes into collecting poop – I’ll never look at my dogs little presents in quite the same way again (not so little as he’s a German Shepherd)!!!