Car Back Seat Organizer. Travelling With Pets and Children

Dogs will travel !.

There is one sentence in our house which causes a frenzy of delight with my two whippets, and that is “are we going on an away day tomorrow”, their little bodies shake with excitement from nose to tail they simply love to be out and about. They are both quite happy to travel in the rear of the car in a travel cage, but all their travel essentials usually end up all over the back seat which is a hindrance if we are taking other people with us. I visited Simply pets. Online and found a very handy car seat organiser which fits to the back of your front seat. It has multiple pockets which will hold these items ie, kitchen roll/ plastic bags(in case of sometimes unavoidable doggie accidents), leads, dog coats, travel water bottles,water bowl, treats and of course the all essential pooh bags. Sometimes I think I pack as much as someone who travels with their children , this led me to think the same car back seat organizers would be very useful for people who have the same problem with space for their baby / toddler / children essentials.



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simply pets online car back seat organiser