How To Cut Your Dog’s Nails At Home | Simply Pets Online

Hello and welcome to our series of videos on how to cut your dogs nails, safely and quickly. These will hopefully teach you all you need to know to carry out this procedure which many pet owners do not look forward to.

Most dogs do not like the procedure but by following along with this series of videos we hope to make the procedure of Pet Nail Clipping much less stressful for all concerned.


The Course consists of 4 videos an introductory video then 4 instruction videos. This video series is especially helpful for anyone who has never done this procedure before.

Introductory Video This is an introduction to Simply Pets Online and Dog nail clipping

Video 1: In this video we cover the background to trimming your pets nails and the correct nail cutters to use

Video 2: This is all about WHY we trim dogs nails and Selecting the correct tool for the job.

Video 3: This video covers the actual methods we advise to cut your dogs nails, leading from the very compliant gentle dog to ways of clipping the rather more challenging canine. Safety for you and your pet is always paramount. We have 4 main methods we feel you should be familiar with.

Video 4: Finally in this live session we show the Methods discussed earlier in action.

All of us at simply Pets Online hope you enjoy the videos and feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.