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Our BioPoops dog poop bags have arrived and have been on sale for a couple of weeks now.  They look good and feedback is just starting to trickle in.  Some clients have bought in bulk while others are testing the market with just one box so far. Our staff at the vet clinic are also giving the bags a good test with their own dogs at home –  that’s how confident we are that we’ve got a good quality bag!

We’re really pleased with customer response so far and are considering manufacturing some with handles to ease tying the bags.  It was always a 50/50 choice regarding handles because some people prefer them with and others without. But just to get the product off the ground we’re very happy with the quality and design so far.

We’re also having a little discussion regarding the new bodegradable regulations in the USA.  Our bags were originally manufactured to the correct standards to claim quite correctly that the bags are biodegradable and these certainly comply with UK & EU requirements.  However, now the bags are in the USA for distribution, apparently the regulations have changed!  As a result we have a manufacturer stating the production standards are correct and still apply, and then there’s the distributor claiming regulations have changed……talk about being knocked out at the final hurdle…..:-(  It seems products have to be compostable now as opposed to biodegradable, and that’s a new set of requirements).  At least we can take comfort that it’s keeping someone in a job in the States.

However these bags are Eco Friendly  they do break down under natural conditions being made of a high quality plastic with an additive to cause the breakdown. We found the totally compostable products were just not leak proof or strong enough. Please note these bags are not compostible

Joking aside, we sincerely hope you buy our bags and find them reliable and of great quality and we look forward to hearing your reviews.

To purchase just search on Amazon for BioPoops , click the link or go to our products page for more information

Happy poop picking………..:-)

 New Biodegradable dog poo bags
 The BioPoops box lying on it side showing the 180 bags in small rolls for easy carrying in your pocket